A few words on book gradings

We always try to provide a fair and accurate evaluation of our books, and grade them using the following scale:


As new and without any faults, as antiquarian book dealers it's very rare that we ever describe a book thus.

Near Fine:

A very nice copy with only a few very minor marks or faults

Very Good:

A decent example showing some signs of wear, perhaps some light foxing


An average second hand book. Complete but may have wear to the binding, marking or dark foxing to the pages, some pages may be a loose. (For pre 1850 titles we may grade a book as 'Good' with a detached board if the book is otherwise 'Very Good')


A worn book that has a major defect of some kind. Possibly missing a cover or with a broken binding.


A reading copy only. Binding may be unrepairable or very badly stained. Possibly pages missing. We normally only market a book in this condition if it is particularly scarce.

Within these grades we also use + (plus) and - (minus) if a book is slighty better or worse than expected within a grade.
Please bear in mind that these grades are used in context with the age of the book. A 'Very Good' 18th century volume will not be in the same condition as a 'Very Good' 20th century volume. Allowances are made for age, generally regarding wear & marking to the binding and foxing to the pages.
If you have any questions about the grading of a particular book, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to email photographs pointing out any flaws.